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Tin Christmas gift necklace - Recycled Vintage tin jewelry

Regular price $ 35.00

A little gentleman necklace, hand cut from an antique 1960's fruit cake tin.

He looks like is stepping right out of a Charles Dickens novel, to hand you a gift!

White oval border around him, while leaving the foot & gift out of the design  for more animation.

18" silver tone chain.

Each tin piece is hand cut, and filed for perfectly smooth touchable edges.

The tin necklace is super lightweight and sparkles when the light hits it.
Perfect 10 year wedding anniversary tin gift for women

All Cellar Door Shoppe Jewelry is sent to you in a nice pretty box, perfect for gift giving, and best of all shipping is free.

All of our jewelry is satisfaction guaranteed, with a 14 day return policy.

When purchasing any of our jewelry keep in mind that the material we use is from genuine antiques, most are well over 50 years old. There may be scratches or discolored spots, things that are typical of antiques of this nature. So please look at the pictures and make sure that sort of thing isn't a bother to you, although we do our best to note bigger flaws.

Care for these Jewelry pieces just as you would any antique. Do not submerge in water, and NEVER feed them after midnight.

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