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Rustic floral bangle bracelet - vintage tin jewelry

Regular price $ 30.00

This bangle is recycled from a vintage candy tin. It measures 8.5". The material is very sturdy, yet flexible enough to be able to form it to fit your wrist perfectly.

The piece is hand cut from the old tin. Next I file all the edges until they are super smooth, and bend it into shape. The piece is then buffed to bring back some of the original luster.

The first picture is taken with a 10x magnification lens to show the pixels of color, and quality of the edge work.

There may be dings, dents and spots on pieces, but this is to be expected as the tins I use are genuine antiques, at least 50 years old.

This jewelry is lightweight, very unique & completely original. It can be worn with anything, and complement any style.