Custom Orders

Have you got a set of Grandmas heirloom  dishes hidden away somewhere? Why not make jewelry for the family, instead of adding to your dust collection! 


Maybe you have beautiful tins taking up valuable space? We can custom make a gorgeous statement piece just for you! Don't forget tin is the traditional 10 year anniversary gift!

Custom orders are great gift ideas for bridal parties, sisters, best buddies, or anybody really!

For inquiries please drop us a line at 

The process goes as follows:

  • We will ask for a photo of the piece you want made into jewelry, along with a short description of what you want done with it, (necklace, earrings).
  • We will contact you with some ideas, and sketches. At this point you can get as creative as you want, or just leave it up to us.
  • Mail us the material (you pay shipping) and we will get to work. We will send pictures of the progress, to ensure everything is perfect.
  • When its done we will ask for payment (which can be discussed before you mail the material) When payment is received we mail it back to you.
  • Extra Materials will not be mailed back (but we can make some exceptions)